Distance: 7 km and 300 m elevation
Category: Trailrunning, easy
Start: 10:00, Cheile Butii
Final limit time: 2h
Terrain: 500 m asphalt, 5 km dirt road, 1,5 km trails
Support points: 4 (1 hydration/food at the finish line, 3 orientation points)
Marking: Intersport tape
Mountaineering skills: not necessary

Interactive map, allowing you to understand and remember the race course:

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Course description:

Valea Marii Course is an easy trekking track, recommended to all the mountain and outdoor sports, especially to beginners/families with children.

The track covers a 7km loop with almost 300m of elevation. The starting 1km segment is common to all the 3 tracks until we reach the asphalt road. Here, participants from Valea Marii turn left towards Uricani, then after another 500m turn left again, entering the dirt road leading to Buta chalet

A smooth uphill follows, through the forest and on the dirt road, continuing with an easy descend, in a fairy-tale landscape, until reaching a crossroad and an orientation point.

You will soon reach the marvelous plains of Fanete (orientation point), then onto the marked trail that descends towards Cheile Butii complex (Finish line, hydration point), where spectators and friends await you in rounds of applauds.

Valea Marii Course can be covered in under 2 hours at walking pace.