Your registration fee, as following:

Registration after 12 of January


Within the limits of available places at 20.01.2018. The remaining available places will be open at 24.01.2018.

Registration at the event scene


Within the remaining available places 8.06.2018! We don`t accept sign-ups on the day of the event!

  • Your contribution is not a fee, it`s considered a donation for the event fulfillment.
  • Payment of the participation fee must be made within 3 days of online sign-up.
    Failure to do so results in the deletion of the entry from the participants' table, with the possibility of subsequent enrollment, within the limits of the available seats.
  • The online registration deadline for races is 12.01.2018 00:00 for the first registration stage and 08.06.2018 12:00 for the available seats.
  • After these deadlines, no online registrations can be made, and those who do not have the contribution accepted by the bank will be removed from the list of participants, having the opportunity to register on-site, within the limits of the available places.