15 - 17 june 2018

- Starting with 16:00, the validation, the participation statements and the race kit will take place at the Cheile Butii Tourist Complex, from the designated space
- At 20:00 we invite you to the technical meeting on the terrace of the Cheilor Butii Tourist Complex

- From 7:00 to 8:00 there will take place validation only for Buta and Valea Marii routes.
- From 9:00: Start of the Custura route.
- From 10:00: Start the Buta and Valea Mare routes.
- At 10:30, we estimate the arrival of the first participants on the Vale Valley route.
- At 12:00, we estimate the arrival of the winner on the Custura route.
- For 12.30 we estimate the arrival of the first participants on the Buta route.
- From 10:30 and 17:00 in the start / finish area there is a food point for competitors (water, fruit, sweets, cheese, energy drinks).
- From 17.30 we will start serving the stew and wine tasting of Corcova, and at 18.00 will take place the award ceremony.
- At 20.00, the party will begin.
- The atmosphere before, during and after the race will be maintained by DJ Trail / City Race / SkyRace / UrbanTrail - Cătălin Sănătescu, who will keep us up to date with the latest competition information.

- Starting at 10:00, we invite all children from the Jiu Valley and the small runners from all over the country alongside their parents to participate in the third edition of the Retezat SkyRace Intersport Kids Race.